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Urinary Incontinence


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Urinary incontinence is another major urologic issue affecting females. This is rarely seen in men who have issues such as neurogenic, bladder, and prostate problems.


There are many types of urinary incontinence, thus speaking to your urologist or incontinence specialist is important.


It is not unusual for women in their late 30s and older, especially after having had children, to experience urinary incontinence. Those who have high BMIs or obesity issues can also develop urinary incontinence.


Urologic specialists will take a detailed history, perform a physical examination, and conduct diagnostic testing such as urodynamics to pinpoint the cause of incontinence before initiating treatment measures.


Certain surgical options are also available to some women who might be compromising their lifestyles because of their urinary incontinence, which can affect daily activities and impact intimate relationships.  

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